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Automatic Coffee Beans Black Beans Packing Machine

Automatic Coffee Beans Black Beans Packing Machine

automatic coffee beans black beans packing machine Applicable Scope: 1.Be suitable for all kinds of industries like food,medicine;cosmetic;Industrial Products.etc,all kinds of granular products.This machine can pack from 100g to 2Kg,the bag width is fixed,you can adjust the bag length by...


Automatic coffee beans black beans packing machine


Applicable Scope:

1.Be suitable for all kinds of industries like food,medicine;cosmetic;Industrial Products.etc,all kinds of granular products.This machine can pack from 100g to 2Kg,the bag width is fixed,you can adjust the bag length by yourself,if you want to change the bag width,you have to change the new bag former.

2.Products it can pack like sugar,edible salt,pepper;washing,powder,beans,coffee with sugar, drying agents,seeds,instant coffee,3 in 1 coffee,instant drinks and medicinal granular etc granule products.for bag bag,from 100g to 2Kg is OK. 

Function:The machine is a kind of full automatic packing equipment, which could complete procedures such as measuring, paper packing, filling, sealing, cutting, code marking, counting etc. automatically. The machine could be fitted to pack various grain objects, such as: Granulated sugar, salt, coffee, beans, peanuts, seeds, puffing food, cookies, washing powder etc.

Granule packing machine technical parameter:



Machine speed


Bag size range

(L)80-420 mm   (W) 60mm-300mm(one machine is with one set of bag former only)

Bag type

Standard pillow sachet bag type

Weigher for granule

Volume cup filler

Maximum film width for packing machine


Film Material For Sachet

Laminated film ,all composite film


Single-phase 220V 50-60Hz

Total Power


Control system for machine line

 PLC control system


’s material

Stainless Steel 304(SS304)+SS316

Air source



Weinview Full  touching screen


Servo Motor and Drive

Machine noise




Be able to weight, fill, make the bag, print manufacture date and expiry date and batch number, seal, cut off ,count, convey automatically

The machine is suitable for coffee bean,black beans, salt, sugar ,rice, sand ,grain, spice and any small granule which their length is no more than 3.5cm







Full Features:

1. Adopt high accuracy output PLC system with multicolored touching screen and reliable & stable twin axis to finish making bag, measuring, filling, sealing, coding and cutting and cutting easy tearing notch automatically a time.

2. Servo drawing film of double conveyor make drawing film resistance less and package's style & looking better and conveyor not easy to swear

3. Due to servo controller. High accuracy location and Size become very easy.

4. External conveying films make packing simply and operating conveniently. 

5. Separating gas line and electronic control box independently makes noise lower and circuit more stable.

6. Packing deviation is adjusted by touching screen only, operate simply.

7. Closed fully-machine structure prevents powder into its inside.

8. Full set machine includes main machine (packing machine) + electrical feeding machine+ electrical conveyor

Main accessories description

Our automatic packing machine is premade according to customers’ requestment. 

1.The bag type is back sealing bag type,but you also can bag shape different.Normal one and with angle one

2.One automatic packing machine can pack different weight. One mould can make the weight fromX g to 2Xg. When you want to pack 1kg and 2kg (measuring range: 1kg-2kg) , one mould is ok. When you want to pack less than 1Kg and more than 2Kg,you can change the mould.

3.width of the bag:  it has only one size for bag former。If you have new width, need to change new bag former instead of old one. Show the photo to you as follow: bag former 

4.Volume cup: double of the volume, If the customer’s volume is 1Kg, cup range is 500g to 1Kg,less than 500g or more than 1Kg, they must change new set of volume cup instead of one 


6)Printer : one roll of color film can be used for three days if work 24 hours one day, ,but depond on the daily production,if it finish ,just insteaf of the new one 



1.GMP requirement and food hygiene certification, machine frame adopt stainless steel (316L material can be customized).

2.Imported touch screen, PLC control, industrial Ethernet communication can be connected to the plant DCS control center, work stability, resistance to interfered, operation is convenient, intuitive, long service life, etc.

3.Double helix feed with high measuring accuracy and high speed.

4.Adjusting the working parameters of the formula of product can be stored, for later use, can store up to 10 sets of worving parameters.

5.Using new type of packaging scale weighing system, high precision measurement, high speed suppression has overshoot inhibition, divide correction, out-of-tolerance alarm, and other functions.

6.Using the new bags, good sealing, bag size can be changed, fit for all kinds of bag size.


1Adopted programmable PLC controller and person and machine surface control system,and automatic optimization matching with behavior cooperation to reach the best packing speed.

2 Servo and central artery system,and lateral servo controlling,precise location,high accuracy,the error is less than 1mm.Function is the best,accurate and stable.

3 Stable and reliable light and electric checking system,rotary cutting knife,fast packing speed,can adjust the position of cutting knife when the machine is running to make sure the intact brand of the packing bag.

4 Adopted PID temperature controller,double circuit temperature control by the heat-sealer,intelligent temperature controlling,the temperature of the double side sealing place can be adjusted single,making sure the sealing quality,applied to many kinds of packing material.

5 With different filling structure,can make the packing perfect of the granulator,powder,liquid,sauce etc Measure device can make the inlet,filling,bag making,date printing,aeration(air-out),counting,goods output be fulfilled automatically.

6Lapel style bag making to make the bag flat and straight and beautiful.You can choose corner=insert sealing,the bag can be back sealing pillow shape.It is widely used,we can do according to your requirement.    The measure manner:container cup,screw ,pump and electric weighing.

7 All the part touching the material be SUS304 stainless steel,to make sure clean.


Payment and shipment

1)Payment: 30%TT in advance, the balance paid before delivery

2)Warranty:1year(Attention: Machine's warranty range don't 

include damageable Spare Parts like heating tube, thermocouple, temperature controller ,photocell and blade) 

3)Package: plastic film +wooden case with metal frame



Package and Shipment

*Put the machine onto bottom iron support

*Bind foot stool with iron bar on the bottom support by iron wire tightly.

*Use PE film to Shrink the machine well

*Wrapped the wooden case with metal frame

*Pack the complete machine into container by forklift truck.

*Deliver them by sea or by air

*30sets/20 feet Container







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