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Care and maintenance
Feb 22, 2017

1, the vacuum packaging machine should be in the temperature -10 ℃ -50 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 85%, the surrounding air without corrosive gases, no dust, no explosive use of the environment. Like the baler and shrink machine, the vacuum packaging machine for the three-phase 380V power supply.

2, for the vacuum packaging machine to ensure that the vacuum pump work, vacuum pump motor is not allowed to reverse. Should always check the three-dimensional transparent tea film packaging machine

Bit, the normal oil level for the oil window 1 / 2-3 / 4 (can not exceed), when the vacuum pump water or oil color black, this time should replace the new oil (generally continuous work one or two months to change once , With 1 # vacuum gasoline or 30 # gasoline, oil can also be).

3, impurity filter should always wash and wash (usually 1-2 months cleaning time, such as packaging fragments should be shortened cleaning time).

4, continuous work 2-3 months should open the back cover 30 on the sliding parts and switch touch block plus lubricating oil, the heating rod on the connection activities should be depending on the use of oil lubrication.

5, on the decompression, filtration, oil mist triple 24 to always check to ensure that oil mist, oil cup with oil (sewing machine oil), filter cup without water.

6, heating bars, silicone strips to keep clean, not sticky foreign body, so as not to affect the quality of sealing.

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