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How does the vertical packaging machine work?
Feb 22, 2017

The packaging of the fine makes the classification of packaging machinery more and more fine, vertical packaging machine as the packaging machinery in the most extensive one, it was used in medicine, salt and other packaging, in the packaging industry is a very important part. The biggest difference between it and other packaging machines is that the drums of the packaged items are set on the inside, and the bags and fillers work in the vertical direction from top to bottom. It uses stainless steel, the appearance of beautiful and generous, the design of the structure is very reasonable and the technology is also very advanced. How does it work

The three-dimensional packaging machine is supplied with the material by drawing the material into the device during the packaging process. The plastic film is formed into a cylindrical shape through a cylinder, and the side is sealed when it is subjected to a hot vertical seal structure, and the plastic bag Into the packaging, the machine in the transverse seal structure will use a special detection device to detect it, and then cut out the length and location of the packaging, the formation of the bag at the same time will be the bottom of the next bag to seal.

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