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Troubleshooting solution
Feb 22, 2017

Electromagnet does not pull, causing the cause of this failure is mostly internal failure, solenoid coil blown, line interruption and other reasons, the solution is: first check whether the host internal or external problems; Electromagnet insurance tube, see whether there is signs of electromagnet, excluding mechanical jam, in all cases are normal detection of internal power supply; weighing machine often encountered in the cause of this failure is due to: sensor damage, For bridge voltage fault, line connection or interrupt is wrong, the exclusion method is: detection sensor and connection or host load signal, and near the detection bridge and amplifier circuit or computer output display circuit, and sometimes system stability Bad cause damage to the bag to solve this problem can test whether the fault line, or remove the host, through the internal shorting to apply a clear signal to determine the fault is located in the machine or from the switch, and then solve the problem

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