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Vertical packing machine working principle
Feb 22, 2017

Vertical packaging machine is a typical automatic packaging machine, it is widely used in small metering packaging industry. Applicable to food, chemical, cosmetic, medical, hardware, machinery and other industries packaging.

Vertical packaging machine works is actually very simple, its main structure is to control the structure and the implementing agencies. Control agencies are usually plc programming completed, that is, people talked about the interpersonal dialogue, programming to it a command, vertical packaging machine will be based on this order to strict implementation.

The actuator is composed of metering device, transmission system, sealing device and so on. In the work of the first time by the metering device to supply a certain amount of raw materials, this can be adjusted, can be arbitrarily within the scope of machinery to adjust the weight of packaging materials specifications. And then carry out bagging, bagging and then sealing device to seal. The seal is finished and cut off, and the entire packaging process is complete.

This is the simple vertical packaging machine works, including weight, packaging time and a series of actions can be programmed through the control system to change the adjustment.

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