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Basic Requirements For Liquid Packaging Machines
Aug 23, 2017

Liquid packaging machine for packaging shampoo, sauces, grease, grease, cosmetics and other products, will be poured into the bag, can be suitable for a variety of viscosity products. Liquid Packing Machine The machine has the advantages of fast, accurate, economical and practical.

Liquid packaging machine process parts, all made of stainless steel, high-level balance tank or self-absorption pump quantitative filling, direct heat sealing and cutting, bag size, packaging weight, Liquid Packing Machine sealing and cutting temperature adjustment convenient and reliable production date ribbon printing, Closure, photoelectric tracking.


Due to the rich variety of liquid products, liquid packaging machines also have a lot of types and forms, of which liquid packaging machines used to package liquid food in the technical requirements of higher, sterile, hygienic, safe is the basic requirements of liquid food packaging machine.

1. Liquid automatic packaging machine must be checked before each boot to see if there is any abnormal situation around the liquid packaging machine;

2. Liquid automatic packaging machine in operation, Liquid Packing Machine the body is strictly prohibited, hands and head close to or contact the operating parts;

3. Liquid automatic packaging machine in operation, is strictly prohibited hands and tools into the knife knife seat;

4. Liquid automatic packaging machine in the normal work is strictly prohibited frequently switch operation button, is strictly prohibited frequently change the parameter settings;

5. It is forbidden to run at very high speed for a long time.

6. prohibit the two simultaneous operation of the liquid packaging machine all kinds of switch buttons and institutions; maintenance and maintenance should be turned off the power; many people at the same time debugging, maintenance of the machine, we should pay attention to communicate with each other and to prevent accident caused by the accident;

7. Check, repair electrical control circuit, is strictly prohibited live work! Liquid Packing Machine Be sure to turn off the power! To be completed by the electrical professionals, the machine automatically locked, not unauthorized changes;

8. Operation, commissioning or maintenance work is strictly forbidden when the operator is unable to remain awake due to alcohol or fatigue; other untrained or non qualified personnel shall not operate the liquid automatic packaging machine;

The liquid packaging machine produces liquid bags by controlling the vertical seal rollers, Liquid Packing Machine horizontal seal rollers, and cut rolls. These devices are controlled by a servo motor-driven multi-axis servo. In this paper, we propose two control methods to enable high-speed production. One is two-stage speed to control the horizontal seal roll. This method can continuously produce any size of the bag. Liquid Packing Machine The second is the phase control, according to the exact location of the seal to determine the level of cutting position. This phase control adjusts the rotational phase difference between the horizontal seal roller and the cutting roller by adjusting the high feed rate of the cutting roller. The experimental results using a liquid packaging machine show that the proposed control method is effective.

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