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Coffee Packaging Machine To Achieve High-precision Positioning
Sep 25, 2017

Coffee Packaging Machine functions: Simple operation, automatic metering, bagging, filling, sealing, printing batch, cutting and counting all work, automatic completion of granular, Coffee Packing Machine fluid and half fluid class, powder, flake, and capsule packaging.

Coffee Packaging Machine Features:

1. The use of color touch screen and stable and reliable Siemens PLC control, Bag making, metering, filling, sealing, marking, cutting bag completion.

2. Can be tilted packaging, Coffee Packing Machine for the protection of fragile materials more effective.

3. The box-type packing bag is well formed and more beautiful.

4. The drawing film adopts servo motor control to achieve high-precision positioning and accurate size.

5. The use of external film-release mechanism, Coffee Packing Machine packaging film installation easier.

6. Longitudinal sealing process, automatic rectification, greatly reduce labor intensity.

Applicable packing range:

Suitable for packing granular, flaky, strip, powder, such as biscuits, rice, potato chips, shrimp, pet food, jelly, peanuts, coffee, Coffee Packing Machine milk powder and other products.

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