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Coffee Packaging Machine To Meet The Pursuit Of Consumers
Aug 01, 2017

Coffee packaging machine in the packaging machinery is one of the more advanced models, it is set for a coffee powder packaging machinery, simple and practical, Coffee Packing Machine to solve the problem of coffee powder in the process of easy to fly powder, in the coffee powder packaging, Its packaging quality and appearance can fully meet the requirements of enterprises to meet the pursuit of consumers. The same time as

Coffee packaging machine has the following characteristics:

1. Stepless speed regulation: Depending on the packaging object, you can use different packaging speed.

2. No horizontal blanking, you can save the packaging material (at this time the upper and lower sides of the plate R value is not equal, if equal, you need to waste side).

3. The machine is set for the swing head, fast, Coffee Packing Machine sealing the use of roller sealing, sealing solid strong, heating method using heat pipe, compared to the heating wire heat better, good packaging quality, high efficiency.

4. There is no synchronization phenomenon.

5. Adjust and replace the molding method is simple and fast.

6. The noise of the machine conforms to the national standard.

Coffee packaging machine has the advantage:

1, the machine after packaging the goods, Coffee Packing Machine than the manual packaging of goods beautiful, improve the external image of the enterprise's products, but also to enhance the corporate image.

2, high efficiency is another big advantage of machine packaging, machine packaging faster than the speed of manual packaging.

3, the development of enterprises need logistics equipment, Coffee Packing Machine a business in order to more standardized development, modern logistics equipment is not desirable less. Logistics is every enterprise must face a more important link, good packaging for enterprise products in the logistics and transport the greatest possible reduction in the loss of goods, reduce the logistics costs of enterprises.

4, in recent years, the increase in labor costs, Coffee Packing Machine increasing the direct labor costs and management costs, improve the mechanical automation rate is the inevitable trend of modern enterprises for enterprises to solve the shortage of manpower, high cost of manpower and management difficult to contribute to automated packaging machinery A force.

5, as the main force of material packaging, mechanized packaging with other packaging is not comparable to the cost of packaging advantages, beautiful, energy saving, environmental advantages and so on. ,

Coffee packaging machine technical features:

1. The use of color touch screen and stable and reliable Siemens PLC control, bagging, metering, filling, sealing, coding, cut bag one-time completion.

2. Tilt packs are more effective for the protection of fragile materials.

3. Carton bag shape is good, more beautiful.

4. Pull film using servo motor control, Coffee Packing Machine to achieve high-precision positioning, size and accuracy.

5. The use of external film release mechanism, packaging film installation easier.

6. Vertical sealing process, automatic correction, Coffee Packing Machine greatly reducing labor intensity.

Applicable to the scope of packaging:

Suitable for packaging granular, flaky, strip, powder, such as biscuits, rice, potato chips, shrimp, pet food, jelly, peanuts, coffee, milk powder and other products.

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