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Design And Analysis Of Candy Packaging Machine
Jun 23, 2017

Candy Packaging Machine belongs to the packaging machine, in the tariff is not listed in the machine.

Candy packaging Machine, the main features of candy, chocolate and other small spherical food packaging. Today's Candy box packaging is not a simple packaging design, is because the packaging is too good and time-consuming and laborious, our personalized packaging machine can be these food to spell out a variety of patterns for packaging, can also be based on customer requirements of the puzzle packaging, refreshing, Sugar Packing Machine but also save labor, improve packaging efficiency.

The main structure design analysis of candy packaging machine:

1, Round candy filter: 3 discs, each disk dug out 2 depressions, the storage box of candy every encounter in a depression to make a choice. Three different colors of three different flavors of candy in a storage box. The structure comprises three discharging ports and three screening devices. We only need to pack the items into the discharge port, by the program-driven motor rotation, Sugar Packing Machine through the filter to control the fall of the goods, three filter bodies control three different colors of the same kind of items or different items falling.

2, conveying hose: will choose the good candy through the hose according to the order of the centralized delivery

3, Candy Installer: In order to arrange the candy using the axis-free spiral vane to push the installation on a special fruit plate.

4, Fruit Plate: 14 20 square fruit plate, which separates many small lattice limit candy position, Sugar Packing Machine let candy packaging more solid.

5, Packaging equipment: The personality of the lower part of the package to achieve the final package of packaging items.

Candy Packaging Machine is a paper or plastic flexible material wrapped in sugar machine, belonging to the packaging machine in the wrapping machine, Sugar Packing Machine because packaging materials for paper or plastic and other flexible materials, the packaging machine, which is not a container, does not conform to the provisions of item 8422.3 and cannot be subsumed under the item, and compares the provisions of items 8422.3 and 8422.4 of the first category to "other packaging machines" under sub-item 8422.4 and is eventually subsumed under the tax number 8422.4000.

The "Filling machine" and "filler" in the common type of packing machine are packed in or poured into containers and conform to the provisions of item 8422.3, so the "filling machine" and "filler" are classified under sub-item 8422.3. such as the filling machine of beer or milk into the tax number 8422.3010, flour or fertilizer filling machines into the tax number 8422.3030; and "Wrapping charter" is only a flexible material wholly or partially wrapped products, not packaged goods loaded into the container, If the provisions of item 8422.3 are not met, Sugar Packing Machine they shall be classified as "other packaging machines" under sub-item 8422.4, such as the cigarette packaging machine and the candy packaging machine mentioned above are all wrapped machines and are classified as tax number 8422.4000; sealing Machine "is a machine that seals" bottles, cans, tubes, drums or similar containers, complies with the provisions of the subheading 8422.3, which can be classified as tax number 8422.3090; "Strapping Machine" is the "packer" referred to in the tariff as the tax number 8422.4000.

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