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Double-frequency Control For Food Packaging Machine
Jul 07, 2017

Food packaging machine applies to biscuits, Qualcomm, snow cakes, egg pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, mooncakes, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, industrial parts, food;

Food packaging machine function and characteristics:

Dual frequency converter control, the bag length is set to cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, the user-friendly operation of automatic prompts, save the film; Food Packing Machine The main control circuit adopts imported MCU, Man-machine interface, inverter control, convenient parameter setting, intuitive operation, full realization of humanized automatic operation control, digital fault self-diagnosis function, fault diagnosis at a glance;

The packing speed and the bag length are controlled by double frequency conversion, digital sealing position input, accurate, beautiful, solid, high photoelectric eye automatic tracking, Food Packing Machine positioning downtime function, Non-stick knife, do not cut material, do not waste envelope; Each sealing temperature is independent and PID control is suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.

A variety of different foods are often present in life (e.g. beverages, milk, juice, rice, corn, potato chips, sweets, peanuts, tea, protein powder, wheat flour, corn flour, rice noodles and so on, and many of them are for people to eat, so the quality and safety requirements are very good, Food Packing Machine in order to prevent any harm to people's health. But the quality of food products depends solely on the safety of food itself is not enough, but also need packaging safety, at the same time for the packaging machine also need to meet a certain requirements, so that can from different aspects of food safety.

Food in the production process, because the volume is small, the quantity is many, so in the packing need to spend a lot of time, increase the use of packaging machine, can save more packaging time, and also can ensure the quality of the packaging, not only can realize the vacuum packaging, Food Packing Machine but also for different foods to choose different packaging methods. But for food, in the packaging process, will inevitably contact the packaging machine, but if the machinery is not clean or there is a certain amount of pollution, then it will affect the quality and safety of food.

To sum up, the packaging machine to meet the requiremen ts of food packaging, it is necessary to ensure the use of the material is very safe, not pollution of food, at the same time in use, clean up to be very simple and convenient, so as to ensure its cleanliness, so as to ensure the quality of products.

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