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Granule Packaging Machine Meets The Hygienic Standard Of Food Industry
Sep 25, 2017

Granule packaging machine is a packaging machine which can automatically complete other packing process by artificial supply of packaging material (container) and inner powder material.

The granule packaging machine adopts the numerical control method to adjust the metering and the precision, can realize the 1-50g any amount of on-line adjustment, makes the product packing specification frequent change not to be complicated. The machine through the touch-type LCD display, Granule Packing Machine can be easily and accurately to complete the size of the bag adjustment, packaging capacity changes, packaging speed adjustment, automatic calibration and other functions set. Online adjustment bag length and the number of joint bags, specifications replacement operation is simple, Granule Packing Machine no need to replace other parts, no material wear, non-polluting materials.

Scope of application:

Granulated materials such as coffee, sugar, medicine, desiccant, seasoning, seeds, pesticide granules

Design characteristics of granular packaging machine

Particle packaging machine also known as strapping or strapping machine, is the use of strapping products or packaging parts, and then tighten and the two ends through the thermal effect of melting or use of materials such as the closure of the machine connected. Granule Packing Machine The function of Packer is to make the plastic belt close to the surface of the bundled package, to ensure that the package in transport, Granule Packing Machine storage not because of the bundling and scattered, but also should be neat and beautiful.

Particle Packaging Machine Design features:

1, IC Design: A new circuit design, packaging machine using plug-in circuit board control of the entire packaging action and perm temperature, circuit board replacement is very convenient, packaging machine services convenient.

2, instant heating, particle packaging machine: Innovative high-speed hot-melt system design, 5 seconds to make the work of hot film, Granule Packing Machine so that pet packaging machine into the best packaging status.

3, the automatic shutdown device, save electricity practical: When the bundle action completes, 60 seconds no longer operation, the packer structure Design compact, the motor will automatically stop, Granule Packing Machine enters the standby state.

4, a new type of brake design: particle packaging machine with the use of the disc brake with a special spring design, to ensure that the smooth belt noise-free, packaging machine price reasonable.

Particle Packaging Machine Performance Advantages:

1. The packing speed and the bag length can be stepless regulated within the rated range without replacing the parts. Bag length through the packaging machine controller digital settings, Granule Packing Machine using stepper motor drive pull bag, so that the bag length adjustment is simple and convenient, bag length accurate, Granule Packing Machine stable and reliable operation.

2. Thermal seal body using four-way heating control, heat sealing temperature can be preset, automatic temperature control, to ensure good thermal balance, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, to ensure that the bag mouth sealing tight, smooth and beautiful.

3. The use of high-quality photoelectric switch (eye) on the packaging materials printed on the color label to detect and position control, so that the packaging finished product to obtain a complete trademark design. (Intelligent photoelectric color standard positioning control system, Granule Packing Machine can automatically eliminate the abnormal color standard pattern and poor printing packaging materials caused by interference signals, stable and reliable operation. )

4. Automatically prints the batch number or production date of the packaged product.

5. In each bag of finished products cut easy to rip mouth, easy for consumers to use.

6. To change the width of the package finished bag, it is necessary to change the forming device of the bag.

7. All parts in contact with the packaging materials are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, Granule Packing Machine in line with hygienic standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

8. In the Powder material packaging press button, can be automatically completed operation, fast and efficient operation.

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