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High Degree Of Automation Of Pill Packaging Machine
Oct 11, 2017

Pill Packaging Machine is a PVC film and PTP aluminum foil packaging materials for the composite blister packaging machine, applicable to a variety of sizes of sugar-coated tablets, tablets, capsules and other drugs packaging, can also be used for similar shapes of small hardware, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine electronic components or food packaging, with reliable sealing, easy to carry, the appearance of packaging, compact machine structure, High degree of automation, easy installation and maintenance, in line with the GMP requirements.

Pill packaging machine suitable for medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine plastic products and special industries, self-adhesive particles of automatic packaging.

Main properties and characteristics of pill packaging machine

1, can be in the packaging process of automatic filling, metering, bagging, sealing, cutting, counting, hot-pressing batch, and so all work, photoelectric with the standard positioning without adjustment.

2, intelligent control system, Chinese and English LCD display. Medicine Tablet Packing Machine Just set the parameters to accurately control the operation of the system.

3, heat sealing device on the edge of the bag evenly heating control, the upper and lower sides can be individually thermostat.

4, the replacement tool can achieve a zigzag, pattern cut, a zigzag cut, cut bag stable reliable bag, easy to operate, can be configured with a wheel-type code machine, the number of rows, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine the shelf life and so on.

Pill Packaging machine performance is stable, compact structure, beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, applicable to capsules, tablets and food, chemicals, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine electronic components and other items of blister-type aluminum-plastic composite sealing packaging.

Characteristics of pill Packaging machine

1, the main transmission part using cycloid needle wheel, long life, smooth operation.

2, molding, feeding, heat seal, dozen batch, blanking through-train to complete.

3, accurate synchronization, clear screen, the version of the adjustable, easy to replace the mold.

4, the configuration of universal feeder, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine its filling rate can reach more than 99%.

5, small size, light weight, less energy consumption, low price.

The main body of pill packaging machine includes fuselage, aluminum foil bracket, blister heater, blister mechanism, feeder, PVC bracket, hot-sealing mesh, stepping mechanism, transmission mechanism, punching mechanism, batch organization, electrical control box and so on.

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