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Many Different Products Pack Into One Big Bag Packing Machine
Aug 29, 2017

Followed Picture for your reference:



Like some Whole grains produsts need to pack different products into one big bag,it is up to you.Measuring cup measure method,from 10g to 1kg.PLC control system.With big touch screen.

Technical Parameter



Kinds of products to pack

3kinds(two   kinds of granular,one powder)

Machine   speed

About 35bags/minute for your bag size and grams(Also deepends on   your products)

bag   size

(L)30-160   mm  (W) 30-100 mm

Film   Material

Composite   plastic film/non-woven fabric/laminated paper film

Bag   type

Stick bag type





Measuring   range




Control   system

Taiwan   Delta PLC control system and full touching screen by two of any language

Measuring   code

Volume Cup

Machine   material

Stainless   Steel 304(SS304)

Machine   Dimension



Be able to   weight, mix, fill, make   the bag, seal, cut off or cut easy-tearing notch automatically

The machine can pack granular,powder,liquid. any other small products which diameter or length is less than able to pack many kinds of products into one small bag together.(show the video to you)



7) the machine be able to weight, mix, fill, make bag and cut off automatically.


8) Be able to pack many kinds of granule into one small bag automatically(Maximum kinds of granule: from 2 to 7)


9) Cup fillers’ work is able to be separated.3 sets of volume cup filler can work together at the same time and every one set of cup filler set different weight we need like Chia seeds 1.8 grams+ Pumpkin seeds 1.7 grams+ Flax seeds 3.8 grams into a small bag;also one of them works only. other fillers stop.


10) The machines is made by 3sets of volume cup fillers+stainless steel 304 holder+Trailer+Main packing machine





width of the bag: it has only one size for bag former and one set of sealing barIf you have new width, need to change new bag former and sealing bar instead of old one. Show the photo to you as follow: bag former :USD250.00/set


Volume cup: the similar granule(the shape and the size are very similar) can share the sane cup filler. The capacity of cup filler ‘s range is double volume.but less than 5g,one gram use one measuring cup.For example,you pack 5grams,the cup filler be adjusted from 5grams to10grams freely. if the customer want to pack more than 10grams,the volume cup can be 10-20 grams g,double of the volume, they must change new set of volume cupinstead of one(USD100.00/set  4cups/set). 

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