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Packing Machine Develop To Full Automatic, Intelligent Is Required Nowaday
Dec 15, 2017

Packing machine develop to full automatic, intelligent is required nowaday

College students invent hazelnut safe packaging to ensure safe food, booming in the food industry now, efficient production is no longer the only standard, in order to avoid the manual processing of food pollution, the need for intelligent increasing. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, a variety of food processing products, packaging technology and packaging equipment have put forward new requirements, packaging machinery and equipment in the field of circulation plays an increasingly large role.    According to the BEI Frequency Converter Market Observer survey, China's packaging machinery market is highly automated, intelligent transformation. It is understood that the current foreign packaging and food machinery high level of countries are mainly the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. And Germany's packaging machinery in the design, manufacturing and technical performance, such as the leading position.    In recent years, these national packaging and food machinery and equipment development presents a new trend. The process of automation is becoming more and more high. At present, automation technology in the packaging production lines accounted for more than 50% of the domestic use of computer design and mechatronics control, improve productivity, equipment flexibility and flexibility, to increase the manipulator to complete the complex packaging action.    Each manipulator is controlled by a separate computer, the camera monitors the packaging action and will feedback to the computer to adjust the range of motion to ensure the quality of the package. Since entering the 21st century, compared to the traditional packaging machinery and equipment, new food packaging machine requirements have a concise, high productivity, complete matching, more automation and so on. The future packaging machinery will be in line with the trend of industrial automation to promote the overall level of packaging equipment improvement.

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