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Packing Machine Industry In China
Dec 09, 2017

Packing Machine Industry in China

Packaging Equipment Thirteen-Five Planning report shows that the Chinese people are generally interested in the "realization of China's packaging machinery and equipment independent" understanding, what is it? The reporter learned about the problem, at present, the development of packaging machinery in China has been relying on imports since the reform and opening up, the State Council's "equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan" identified in the main task of industrial adjustment and revitalization, clearly put forward, to seize including packaging equipment, such as light industry, nine industries, to achieve our country's equipment   This is from the national level, on the packaging equipment, the subject of property rights, research and development subjects, technical innovation, and so on, the request, namely "to achieve our country equipment autonomy." Rely on what "to achieve China's equipment autonomy", "packaging equipment how to achieve technological innovation"? Packaging machinery on the world packaging machinery on the stage to prop up their own national brands, for a long time, our national research packaging technology is weak, in the existing packaging innovation technology, packaging technology achievements can not be broken, the relevant research institutions do not pay attention to the development and production of their own patented packaging technology products, relying on imitation Reporter learned that at present, China's packaging research industry, a lot of technical team can not adapt to the new requirements of development, not only the weak technical force, but also a large number of scientific and technological personnel are transferred from other industries, professional knowledge of the structure of defects, learning machinery do not know the mechanical process, learning packaging process Professional education and on-the-job technical cadres are lagging behind. If China's Packaging Research technology department, senior researchers, the relevant media can be consensus, self-reliance, work hard, unity, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs effectively from the policy and material support packaging machinery education, scientific research, design department, so that they walk in the world packaging machinery production ranks in front, Instead of lagging behind production requirements. In China, the uproar of the "national retreat" of the discussion, one of the points, is the entry of foreign capital, so that many of our former national brand was controlled by foreign capital, the government caused the concern of the whole nation.   Long before, if the country's important national brands are all reduced to foreign brands, national industry will also be a name, this is no joke! In short, the State Council put forward "the realization of China's equipment autonomy" in addition to the relevant policy support, shortening the gap between China's packaging machinery and equipment products and the international advanced product level, relying on the packaging research institutions in China to increase efforts in the subject of property rights, research and development subjects, technological innovation, etc., to achieve "autonomy"? At the same time, the relevant research unit departments should also vigorously exert the role of the existing scientific and technical personnel, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, play the role of scientific research units, colleges and universities, accelerate the technological progress of enterprises, actively participate in the world of packaging machinery market competition, to get rid of long-term foreign people buckle to "plagiarism, imitation" "hat", self-reliance and hard work! China's packaging industry must rely on their own strength to develop new technologies, equipment products, and strengthen themselves, to strong to cope with the increasingly fierce packaging machinery industry competition! In fact, in the field of packaging technology, our country is definitely a world-class talent and first-class technology. In particular, "Made in China 2025" is speeding up implementation, and gradually into the era of intelligent manufacturing. Industry 4.0 concept also gradually in the food packaging industry infiltration, plastic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises to develop a light and mechanical integration, intelligence, combination or modularity as the representative of the new technology. At present, there are many manufacturers to integrate the robot and packaging equipment to a production line, from the early handling, sorting to packaging production, and later detection, storage and transportation, all kinds of automation technology throughout the packaging industry has always been.   Not only has a higher packaging speed, more accurate packaging precision, but also to achieve low energy consumption, for enterprises to save costs. We Chinese since ancient times have such a spirit, a study of the momentum, predecessors since ancient times began to research "four inventions", especially in recent years, China's scientific and technological inventions in the world market to establish an excellent image and credibility, such as the manned space shuttle can not but say that is high-end technology, God five, Does God six not allow some foreigners to covet? China's packaging research institutions have been constantly looking for gaps, continuous learning of new technologies, and gradually produce a high degree of automation, reliability and flexibility, production speed, high technical content of the characteristics of packaging machinery technology.   Collaborative innovation of production and research to play the role of enterprise subject status, to promote the restructuring of the industry, forming enterprises and "small and refined, refined and specialized, specialized and strong" industrial development model, strengthen standards, testing, equipment platform construction, enterprises should encourage the use of domestic packaging equipment technology machinery to encourage private enterprises to develop vigorously. Let our packaging machinery in the world back up, efforts to make our packaging machinery industry in a qualitative leap. Let the State Council put forward the "realization of China's equipment autonomy," resounding echoes in the world Packaging Machinery Stage Center!

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