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Packing Range Of Granule Packing Machine Is Wide
Oct 31, 2017

Granular packaging machine itself is not known to the public, but it is the packaging industry's contribution is countless.

Particle packaging machine pointers to granular materials packaging materials, mainly for good fluidity of granular materials. In order to adapt to the rapid development of packaging of various granular products in China, packaging machinery also needs to be developed in the direction of automation and intellectualization. Granule Packing Machine With the tide of science and technology and market demand, it eventually joined the ranks of automation, for the packaging industry brought more convenience, for the market economy brought greater benefits.

Granule packaging machine is set machine, electricity, light, instrument in one, single-chip control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, Granule Packing Machine automatic adjustment of measurement errors and other functions

B, fast: Using spiral blanking, light control technology

C, High precision: the use of stepper motor and electronic weighing technology

D, Wide packaging scope: the same quantitative packaging machine in 5-5000g through the electronic scale keyboard adjustment and replacement of different specifications of the next material spiral continuous adjustable

E, wide scope of application: a certain fluidity of powder-like, Granule Packing Machine granular materials can be

F, suitable for bags, cans, bottles, such as various packaging containers powder quantitative packaging

G, the error caused by the material weight and the change of material position can be tracked and corrected automatically.

H, photoelectric switch control, Granule Packing Machine only need manual bag, bag mouth clean, easy to seal

I, and material contact parts are made of stainless steel, easy to clean, to prevent cross contamination

J, can be configured feeding device, more user-friendly

Particle Packaging Machine Performance Advantages:

1. The packing speed and the bag length can be stepless regulated within the rated range without replacing the parts. Bag length through the packaging machine controller digital settings, Granule Packing Machine using stepper motor drive pull bag, so that the bag length adjustment is simple and convenient, bag length accurate, stable and reliable operation.

2. Thermal seal body using four-way heating control, heat sealing temperature can be preset, automatic temperature control, to ensure good thermal balance, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, Granule Packing Machine to ensure that the bag mouth sealing tight, smooth and beautiful.

3. The use of high-quality photoelectric switch (eye) on the packaging materials printed on the color label to detect and position control, so that the packaging finished product to obtain a complete trademark design. (Intelligent photoelectric color standard positioning control system, Granule Packing Machine can automatically eliminate the abnormal color standard pattern and poor printing packaging materials caused by interference signals, stable and reliable operation. )

4. Automatically prints the batch number or production date of the packaged product.

5. In each bag of finished products cut easy to rip mouth, easy for consumers to use.

6. To change the width of the package finished bag, it is necessary to change the forming device of the bag.

7. All parts in contact with the packaging materials are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, in line with hygienic standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

8. In the Powder material packaging press button, Granule Packing Machine can be automatically completed operation, fast and efficient operation.

Characteristics of granular Packaging machine

1, through the digital technology measurement and control, Granule Packing Machine packaging precision and stability good;

2, in the event of failure can be timely alarm shutdown, reduce the loss of materials and packaging materials, at the same time can automatically store data to ensure continuity of production;

3, the equipment uses the stainless steel manufacture, Granule Packing Machine conforms to the national GMP standard, guarantees in the packing process the material not to be polluted;

4, the equipment design humanization, facilitates the maintenance.

As an important part of the production process, the packaging machine has been improved in automation and intellectualization. Granular packaging machine to meet the basic definition of the basis, but also closely follow the market demand, continuous technical research and product updates, Granule Packing Machine in the product packaging to play a greater role

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