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Pill Packs Are Suitable For Capsule Packaging
Sep 04, 2017

Pill packaging machine is PVC film and PTP aluminum foil as the packaging material of the composite blister packaging machine, suitable for a variety of sizes of sugar-coated tablets, tablets, capsules and other drugs packaging, can also be used for similar shape of the hardware, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine electronic components or Food packaging, with a reliable seal, easy to carry, packaging beautiful appearance, compact structure, high degree of automation, installation and maintenance advantages, in line with GMP requirements.

Pill packaging machine performance is stable, compact, handsome in appearance, high degree of automation, suitable for capsules, tablets and food, chemicals, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine electronic components and other items of blister-type aluminum-plastic composite sealed packaging.

The main body of the tablet packaging machine includes body, aluminum foil bracket, blister heater, suction device, feeder, PVC bracket, heat sealing, stepping mechanism, transmission mechanism, punching mechanism, lot body, electrical control box The

Pills Packaging Machine Features

1, the main drive part of the cycloid wheel, long life, smooth operation.

2, forming, feeding, heat sealing, batch number, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine punching finished one-stop.

3, accurate synchronization, textured clear, adjustable version, easy to replace the mold.

4, the configuration of universal feeder, the filling rate can reach more than 99%.

5, small size, light weight, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine low energy consumption, low prices

Method of operation of tablet packing machine

1, the process

The process of the machine is, first of all plastic film heating software sucked into a blister, and then fill the blister in the drug, and aluminum foil will be hot pressing seal, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine and finally washed into the size of the plate.

2, the operating procedures

(1) dial the power switch, working water supply valve;

(2) press the preheat switch, heater switch, the first boot preheat bubble flow mode to 30 degrees;

(3) placed PVC hard film, slightly over the bubble roll mold;

(4) close the bubble heater box, heating PVC hard film;

(5) press the main motor start switch, the PVC suction 4 meters long, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine press the main motor to stop the switch, and open the hot box;

(6) the bubble into the machine at each station, a little step into the roller, into the punch on the plexiglass guide;

(7) to be temperature controller temperature display at about 150 degrees, the paved aluminum foil and feed the feeder gate, the heater motor switch press;

(8) Close the suction heater hot box, press the feeder switch, Medicine Tablet Packing Machine and press the main motor start switch, close the anilox roller, the machine began to work in full.

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