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Pillow Packing Machine
Feb 22, 2017

1, first of all to determine their own packaging to buy what packaging products. Some packaging machinery manufacturers a wide variety of products, in the purchase of packaging machines, hope that a device can pack all of their own varieties. In fact, often special machine than the compatible packaging effect is better. A packaging machine packaging is best not to exceed 3-5 varieties. Also, the size of the product gap between the larger as far as possible the machine packaging.

2, cost-effective is the first principle. At present, the quality of domestic production of packaging machine has been greatly improved than before, especially the pillow packaging machine, the proportion of exports has been more than imports, so the price of domestic machine can buy the quality of imported machines. Buy only, do not buy expensive.

3, as far as possible to choose a long history of brand-name packaging machine business, quality assurance. Select the technology is mature, stable quality models, so that faster and more stable packaging, low energy consumption, low hand, low scrap rate. Packaging machine is the consumption of the machine, if the purchase of low-quality machines, in the future production of the daily accumulation of waste packaging film, the decision is not a small number.

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