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Salt Packaging Machine Is Simple And Convenient
Oct 20, 2017

Salt packaging machine computer controller LCD touch screen display Chinese words, salt packaging machine with simple operation, weighing precision, measurement speed, easy maintenance and so on, is a cost-effective packaging equipment.

Salt packaging machine features:

A, to achieve coarse, medium and small two feed, bucket weighing, fast, high precision.

B, silo with upper and lower level detection device, Salt Packing Machine can automatically control the lifting equipment start and stop.

C, humanized folder bag design, with manual switch, easy to operate more secure and more secure.

D, salt packaging machine with automatic error correction, ultra-automatic alarm, the number of automatic accumulation, failure tips and other functions.

E, salt packaging machine using professional all-digital dual-core processing weighing instruments, Salt Packing Machine which can store a variety of weighing data, simple and convenient operation, stable performance.

F, and the material contact parts are stainless steel, and is equipped with all stainless steel cylinder, stainless steel load cell, Salt Packing Machine to extend the service life, run more smoothly.

Salt packaging machine features:

1, bag system using synchronous motor into the sub-technology, high precision bag, the error is less than 1 mm;

2, rotary cutter or scissors, fast packaging, machine can be arbitrarily adjusted in the operation of the location of the knife or scissors;

3, heat seal four heating control, bilateral sides can be individually thermostat;

4, intelligent photoelectric color positioning control system;

5, good visibility of the side open-type protective baffle, safe operation.

6, using the latest disc-type cup adjustment device can be in the process of running the machine at any time to adjust the packaging capacity, reduce material loss, Salt Packing Machine improve work efficiency

7, the machine for packaging, pesticides, seeds, veterinary drugs, feed, salt, monosodium glutamate, desiccant, soup, Chinese medicine, tea and other free-flowing particles.

Main function: Chinese and English display control system, stainless steel box, only in the display of the set unit to set the required parameters (bag length), the control system is automatically optimized to match the action with each other to achieve the best Packaging speed. Dual power photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, to ensure that the trademark packaging integrity. Salt Packing Machine Intelligent temperature controller control. Automatic completion of measurement, bagging, filling, sealing, printing batch number, Salt Packing Machine cut off and count all the work. Using three-sided sealing double-sided heating or four-side sealing heat sealing mode.

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