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Salt Packaging Machine Is Very Important
Sep 04, 2017

Our daily life is inseparable from the salt, it is very important to us, then the salt production of cleanliness is particularly important, salt packaging machine in which to play an important role. The equipment is also used in the packaging of various items such as detergent, feed, sugar, monosodium glutamate, seeds, pesticides, condiments, additives and the like.

Salt packaging machine performance:

A. salt packaging machine using vibration feed, Salt Packing Machine electronic scales weighing, reducing the weight of the material before the change caused by the measurement error;

B. Equipped with the metering device at the same time to complete the measurement, filling bag, feeding, date printing, Salt Packing Machine finished product delivery of all packaging process;

C. use of artificial suit, photoelectric induction, automatic measurement;

D. The machine uses programmable logic controller and servo motor large display touch screen constitute the machine drive control core, easy to use and excellent performance;

E. The use of intelligent thermostat, Salt Packing Machine can make the shape of items sealed;

F. Good automatic alarm protection, can minimize the loss.

Salt packaging machine to achieve the automatic arrangement of materials, automatic measurement, filling, loading, counting and so on. Product packaging count the number of random adjustment, Salt Packing Machine the number of bags can be self-control, automatically display the number of packaging, can be convenient to calculate the workload of the machine.

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