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Salt Packaging Machine Performance And Stability
Jul 20, 2017

Salt packaging machine computer controller LCD touch screen display Chinese words, salt packaging machine has a simple operation, weighing precision, measurement speed, easy maintenance and so on, is a cost-effective packaging equipment. Salt packaging machine is casting manufacturers according to the chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical and other industries need to develop professional high-speed salt packaging machine.

Second, the functional characteristics:

A, to achieve coarse, medium and small two feed, bucket weighing, fast, high precision.

B, silo with upper and lower level detection device, Salt Packing Machine can automatically control the lifting equipment start and stop.

C, humanized folder bag design, with manual switch, easy to operate more secure and more secure.

D, salt packaging machine with automatic error correction, ultra-automatic alarm, Salt Packing Machine the number of automatic accumulation, failure tips and other functions.

E, salt packaging machine using professional all-digital dual-core processing weighing instruments, Salt Packing Machine which can store a variety of weighing data, simple and convenient operation, stable performance.

F, contact with the material are stainless steel parts, and is equipped with all stainless steel cylinder, stainless steel load cell, to extend the service life, run more smoothly.

Third, the technical parameters:

Total power: 2.94KG

Package Weight: 5-60KG / bag

Accuracy: OIMR61 × (0.2) level

Packing quantity: 3-6 bags / min

Steel frame size: 3000mm * 1000mm (high * width)

Belt Conveyor: 2200mm * 300mm (L * W)

Salt Packaging Machine Introduction:

1. Dual inverter control, bag length that is set to cut, Salt Packing Machine no need to adjust the empty walk, step in place, save time and film.

2. Man-machine interface, Salt Packing Machine parameter setting convenient and quick.

3. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.

4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, Salt Packing Machine digital input sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

5. Temperature independent pid control, better for a variety of packaging materials.

6. Positioning stop function, non-stick knife, do not waste the capsule.

7. Drive system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.

8. All the control by the software to facilitate the functional adjustment and technology upgrades, never backward.

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