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Salt Packaging Machine Running Stable And Reliable
Aug 01, 2017

Salt packaging machine for packaging a variety of powder, particles and other materials.

Salt packaging machine can automatically complete the bag, metering, cutting, sealing, cutting, counting, and can be configured according to customer requirements such as printing batch number and other functions.

The use of advanced microcomputer controller, Salt Packing Machine drive stepper motor control bag length, stable performance, easy adjustment,

Detection is accurate.

Salt Packaging Machine Overview:

1. The packing speed and bag length can be adjusted indefinitely within the rated range without replacement parts. Bag length through the packaging machine controller for digital settings, Salt Packing Machine the use of stepper motor drive bag, bag length adjustment is simple and convenient, bag length is accurate, stable and reliable operation.

2. Heat sealing body with four heating control, Salt Packing Machine heat sealing temperature can be set in advance, automatic temperature control, to ensure good heat balance, suitable for a variety of packaging materials to ensure that the bag closed tight, smooth and beautiful.

3. Using high-quality photoelectric switch (electric eye) on the packaging materials printed on the color mark to detect and locate control, so that packaging products to obtain a complete trademark logo. (Intelligent photoelectric color positioning control system, can automatically exclude due to abnormal color patterns and poorly printed packaging materials caused by the interference signal, stable and reliable operation.

Salt packaging machine performance:

The machine is equipped with dual CPU computer control system, user-friendly interface, Salt Packing Machine automatic cursor tracking, operation more simple. Equipped with high-precision stepper motor to ensure the accuracy of each bag's cutting position.

The use of oblique screw to push the way, the packaging process can be directly adjusted packaging weight, adjust the process without downtime, effectively improve work efficiency. Salt Packing Machine Can choose to match the coding machine, inflatable, exhaust and vacuum and other devices.

Salt packaging machine features:

1, Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive operation, simple.

2, PLC computer control system, run more stable, Salt Packing Machine can be adjusted without any parameters.

3, can save ten parameters, replace the species more accurate.

4, the use of servo motor touch, positioning more accurate.

5, independent temperature control system, the accuracy of up to ± 1 ℃ degrees.

6, horizontal, vertical sealing temperature independent control, can be applied to a variety of composite film, PE film and other packaging materials.

7, packaging style diversification, back seal, angle, with bags, punching and so on.

8, production bag, sealing, packaging, Salt Packing Machine print date one-time completion.

9, the working environment clean, low noise.

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