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Stable Performance Of Salt Packaging Machine
Jun 23, 2017

Salt Packaging Machine Applicable scope: Salt, soda ash, baking soda, organic salt, white sugar, msg and other particles, bars, blocks, irregular state materials, high-speed quantitative packaging.

Salt Packing Machine Technical parameter:

Packing speed: 30-60 packs/min

Metering accuracy: Biong. 2g

Salt Packaging Machine Technical Features:

1. The measurement method uses the multi-station volumetric metering;

2. Servo Motor delivery film system, Salt Packing Machine touch screen adjustment parameters, easy to operate;

3. The expansion function is strong, may connect the package installment, Salt Packing Machine the inflatable installment, satisfies the different product demand;

4. Bag making, filling, metering, sealing, printing date, product output completed one time.

The main performance and structure characteristics of the salt packing machine:

(1) The machine has compact structure, stable performance and simple operation.

(2) equipped with automatic safety protection, Salt Packing Machine in line with the requirements of enterprise safety management.

(3) Servo-driven feed smooth, accurate, high precision bag length

(4) The use of intelligent thermostat to ensure that the seal beautiful, smooth.

(5) This machine and metering device can automatically complete the product metering, feeding, filling bag, date printing all the packaging process, and automatically complete the count.

(6) The whole machine consists of programmable controller, Salt Packing Machine servo motor and super large display touch screen, which can improve the control precision, speed range, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.

(7) A fault display system is provided to help troubleshoot the problem in time.

(8) equipped with inflatable and exhaust devices

(9) With the food contact part is sus316l stainless steel, Salt Packing Machine the remainder is SUS304 stainless steel or equivalent material.

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