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The Advantages And Application Of Auto Large Dose Measuring Sauce Packing Machine
Jan 11, 2019

Xuguang Packaging Machinery has always been committed to providing customers with quality services and contributing to the automation of social machinery. It has always been a leader in the reform of packaging machinery and equipment and quality control.

Automatic high-dose sauce/filler packaging machine

First, the scope of application

Widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry such as: bean paste, lotus filling, fish filling, fruit filling, melon filling, water jam, cheese, soy sauce, white wine, mineral water, liquid medicine, etc., as well as non-food detergent, lubrication Automatic quantitative packaging of fluids and semi-fluids such as lipids. The packaging machine can pack materials in the range of 50 grams to 10 kilograms, and the standard is 5 kilograms. The length of the bag can be adjusted. When a variety of packaging specifications are to be packaged, the bag width is not regular. Many sets of different packaging specifications can be purchased according to the packaging specifications and weight of the bag. With different material conveying pumps, the object can be in a high temperature state. The automatic quantitative filling and packaging can effectively improve the production efficiency and avoid secondary pollution caused by bacterial invasion. It can be equipped with our company's cooling water tank cooling equipment, shaping blow dryer, conveyor belt and other assembly line equipment to improve production.

Second, the overview

1. The function of the machine: fluid, semi-fluid filling, bag forming, weight adjustment, vacuum sealing, cutting, counting and other functions.

2. The appearance and molding part of the whole machine are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic and meets food hygiene standards.

3. The computer operating system adopts imported color touch screen control, digital humanized management, and has many advanced functions such as lack of materials, automatic shutdown of the package materials, and timely alarms.

 The operation is simpler and the maintenance is more convenient.

4. The control part adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programming control, and the performance is stable and reliable, with self-checking prompt function.

5, the filling material conveying pipeline adopts imported 316 mirror tube, and the conveying stuffing is smooth and stable. The pipe connection adopts a quick-installing joint, which is quick and easy to disassemble and is convenient for cleaning.

6, advanced control procedures after long-term testing, the package weight error can reach up to six thousandths, far below the national standard of weight error.

7. The feeding pump can be selected from the original US imported or domestic 316 stainless steel pump. It is durable and has high standard pressure. It is especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity materials.

8. The electrical components adopt international brand products, the quality is reliable, and it is convenient to purchase and replace by itself.

9. The piston pump filling system does not rotate or squeeze the filling material, does not damage the filling structure, does not cause discoloration of the filling material, and has no effect on the appearance of the mouthfeel.

10, packaging capacity can reach more than 1.5 tons per hour, 85 or more complete automatic filling and sealing, to avoid secondary pollution, improve work efficiency and reduce production costs.

11. Our company specially designed a cleaning system, which is very convenient for cleaning the pipeline.

12, superior cost performance, high quality performance, reliable quality. Shanghai Huihe Company will provide you with quality business consultation and perfect after-sales service in time.

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