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The Basic Principle Of Food Packaging Machine
Aug 23, 2017

With the development of the food industry, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food varieties and daily increase. Food packaging machine is also increasingly outstanding. China's food health law recent rules: where not for packaging food, no longer agreed to sell in the mall. This will inevitably lead to the rapid development of food packaging machine industry.

The so-called food packaging machine is in the process of circulation to maintain food, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote the sale of advice, Food Packing Machine and according to the necessary skills to use containers, materials and materials such as the overall title

Also refers to the intention to use the container, information and auxiliary materials in the process of a plus skills and other operational activities.

The characteristics and basic principles of food packaging machine

At present, the preservation of food using vacuum packaging and vacuum inflatable packaging. In order to save food, in addition to control the outside temperature and sterility, Food Packing Machine the more important is to control the food suitable gas environment, if you choose the right packaging materials, vacuum packaging can achieve the desired freshness target. Food Packing Machine Vacuum packaging should first be evacuated, and then sealed.

Vacuum packaging methods are:

(1) mechanical extrusion;

(2) suction pipe degassing;

(3) chamber method. The so-called chamber method is to put the bag containing the items in the chamber to open the valve, by the food packaging machine for pumping, Food Packing Machine and then heat sealing. General plastic bags are used in this way vacuum packaging.

Food packaging machine features are:

(1) for meat products, the vacuum packaging can remove oxygen, which can inhibit the mold, aerobic bacteria growth and development, inhibition of oil and lipid components, Food Packing Machine control food deterioration, to achieve preservation, durability purposes.

(2) in terms of fragrance, with the food packaging machine vacuum packaging to reduce the oxygen content of the bag, fruit through the anaerobic breathing to produce carbon dioxide, while maintaining a certain degree of humidity, this low oxygen, high carbon dioxide, high humidity environment, Food Packing Machine Effectively reduce fruit transpiration, reduce the role of sparse respiration, reduce the production of ethylene and nutrient consumption, and ultimately achieve the purpose of preservation;

(3) In addition to other food, the vacuum packaging can reduce the evaporation of water to control the food due to water loss caused by condensation, curing phenomenon;

(4) food packaging machine in addition to the above-mentioned role, Food Packing Machine but also has anti-mechanical pressure, reduce the oscillation, is conducive to long-distance transport and other advantages, which can more effectively maintain the original food color, smell, taste, shape and nutritional value.

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